Looking for clarity, battling stress,

seeking confidence, and creating work life balance

Introducing an Innovative Methodology

Emotional Entrepreneurship!

An innovative methodology which will guide you

to ignite your true potential in eight weeks.

Develop the dynamic mentality for personal and professional success and your Best Performance. There are 3 key modules and a bonus, where you will have access to video classes, forms and practical exercises for your lasting transformation.
Some topics we will cover:

  • Understanding the basis of guilt, fear, anxiety that stagnates your results
  • Improve Relationships
  • Where does financial imbalance come from?
  • Discover how to undertake in the New Age 
  • Fight Procrastination
  • Finding real professional and personal purpose
  • Increase productivity to achieve desired results

If you want different results in your life,

start with Yourself.


Classes are recorded on the platform

and you can access it at any time,

if you do not attend the live class.








What people are saying about this training:

“This training proves to be a tool truly capable of resurrecting our dreams and our desire to make them come true.”

Renato Simões

“Although the contact was virtual, I didn’t have any problems. Édel Pontes’ professionalism is incredible and involved me, giving seriousness to the tasks. It was transformative”

Fernanda Freire

“I have no words to express how much my life has changed. I am aware of my life’s mission, and that is everything.”
Eduardo Setton



Emotional Entrepreneurship is fully guaranteed. So, if you buy it, test it and find that:

  • You haven’t changed your perception of life;
  • The training didn’t help him to control the Anxiety;
  • You just didn’t like the training.

We will fully refund your money!

No risks, no bureaucracy, no questions and no fine print!



This product is not a substitute for professional advice. Always consult a healthcare professional on health related matters..

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the training?

Access is lifetime, you will always be able to view and review the training. 

Why online?
Online teaching represents a revolution in teaching, as it increases the number of impacts, allows students to have greater flexibility to attend classes anywhere in the world and, above all, allows students to test what they have learned in their daily lives and can return to training to answer questions, share results and improve your actions. The result is usually immensely greater than in common face-to-face training.

When will I have access to the training?

Once your purchase is approved, AUTOMATICALLY, we will be sending to your e-mail the link to the Student Portal, your login and password, as well as the instructions that you must follow.

Is the training recorded or live?

The training is 100% recorded and has extra live meetings. This allows you to watch classes multiple times, making it possible to stop and go back to review content you want to deepen.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, all classes have a support field, open to the whole class.

Can I watch the training on my cell phone?

Yes, the platform is also compatible with cell phones and tablets and works via streaming, in a system similar to YouTube or Netflix.

Quais as formas de pagamento?
You will be able to make your payment via Credit Cards (up to 10 installments) and bank slip.

Do I have to pay any monthly fees?

No, this value is unique. No additional fees or monthly fees.

How is the training divided?

It’s simple. It is more than just a course, a training, a service. It is a transformational journey.
I focus on three main pillars which enable students to be wildly successful.

PILLAR 1: Breaking Limitations


Addressing the fear of change, anxiety about the future, and challenges associated with leaving comfort zones, with a focus on transitioning from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraging individuals to embrace change regardless of age.

PILLAR 2: Discover Your True Self and Shape Your New Reality

Without a clear understanding of your identity, creating the freedom to seize the present moment remains an elusive goal. Declare who you are to create the reality of who you will become.

PILLAR 3: Transformational Journey

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, unraveling the intricacies of your mind, mastering your emotions, and embracing your authentic self. Acquire profound knowledge, invaluable experiences, and enduring wisdom for lasting transformation.

Read Renata Costa’s testimonial! Businesswoman in the United States

“Emotional Entrepreneurship”Turned Me Upside Down”

Before I started, I did the vast majority of things in my life passively. I radically changed the way I act, face my work, and even my personal relationships. Since the mindset change, I’ve seen with my own eyes that attracting the things that are good for me is up to me. Professionally, it was what changed the most in my life. My business in the United States turned from water to wine when my mindset started to change. Understanding my life purpose and learning to act on it was a blessing. Today I know that I am a better person, more generous, more understanding and more tolerant. And I understand that the good things I manifest into my life come and will continue to come because of that.

Renata Costa

Businesswoman in Miami


Who is Dr. Édel Pontes?

Doctor Édel Pontes is convinced of the fundamental principle that entrepreneurship is innate to human beings and that, regardless of the dissatisfaction that may be currently overshadowing this virtue, with appropriate training it will be inevitable to make dreams come true and restore plans that were left aside during life. .
His conviction was born when the legacy of Walt Disney captured his attention on the importance of dreaming and loving what you do, having awareness and the attitude to achieve goals. This admiration made Édel Pontes dream of living the Disney experience. This admiration has motivated Édel, since he was a child, not only to experience the legacy of Walt Disney, but to understand the essence behind this vision.
He built solid bases of knowledge in his training as a Doctor in Neuromarketing from Florida Christian University (FCU), Master in International Business Administration from Hult International Business School (HIBS), Specialization in Psychopedagogy from Fundação Educacional Jayme de Altavila (FEJAL), MBA in Online Marketing and E-commerce from Escola Superior de Administração, Marketing e Comunicação (ESAMC) and Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Universidade Federal de Alagoas (UFAL).
In his career, Édel Pontes undertook several startups and had the opportunity to live in fascinating places, such as ancient China. His performance as a Consultant, earned him in 2008, the Certificate of Excellence for the best business plan and excellent performance in the project of healthy education for people with disabilities in India, granted by the International Business Machines Corporation – IBM, one of the most relevant companies of Information Technology that operates since the beginning of the 20th century.
He created the Emotional Entrepreneurship methodology based on personal and professional experiences, academic research and observations during talent training, which resulted in his thesis and the formulas of the Conscious Self, Entrepreneur Self and Productive Self. Method whose purpose is to guide students in the search for the best performance, building the self-knowledge necessary to develop, execute and achieve the expected results.
Édel Pontes’ commitment to human improvement, reaching his innate potential and fulfilling personal aspirations is the driving force behind his decisions: leaving a legacy of wisdom to his children and helping people on their journeys in life.

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