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Édel Pontes is a firm believer in the fundamental principle that entrepreneurship is innate to human beings and that, regardless of the moment or circumstances, with appropriate training it is possible to realize dreams and restore plans that were left aside during life.

His conviction was born when Walt Disney's legacy captured his attention on the importance of dreaming and loving what one does, having the conscience and the attitude to accomplish the goals. This admiration made Édel Pontes dream of experiencing the Disney experience. This admiration motivated Édel, since he was a child, not only to experience the legacy of Walt Disney, but to undertake in Brazil and in the world through the essence of his master's teachings.

Doctorate in Neuromarketing - Florida Christian University (FCU); Master in International Business - Hult International Business School (HIBS); MBA in Marketing - Escola Superior de Administração, Marketing e Comunicação (ESAMC); Postgraduate in Psychopedagogy - Fundação Educacional Jayme de Altavila (FEJAL); Undergraduate in Civil Engeneering - Universidade Federal de Alagoas (UFAL).

In his career, Édel Pontes undertook in several startups and had the opportunity to live in fascinating places, such as the ancient China. His performance as a Consultant earned him, in 2008, the Certification of Excellence for the best business plan and excellent performance in the project of healthy education for people with disabilities in India, granted by the International Business Machines Corporation - IBM, one of the most relevant companies of Information Technology that operates since the beginning of the 20th century.

  • Adriana Machado

    Business Executive

    Working with Edel has been a real pleasure. He helps us connect with our essence and sustain our journey with elegance and drive. Great structured process to empower people and set them to action. I strongly recommend him and the methodology he developed. I am grateful for the insights he shares.

  • Murilo Araujo


    Edel has been extremely important on my path to personal growth and learning my self direction. He has been helping me to explore my blocks and fears along guiding me to overpass my internal conflicts to see more clearly my goals and what I must do to achieve them. He was what I needed to unlock what has been holding me for years. I totally recommend him for business coaching and human development.

  • William Custodio


    I have always looked for personal improvement, for a better personal and professional life - and had over my decades of life, several great people from different backgrounds helping me out on this Journey. Even though, Edel still accomplishes to impress me, on how effective he is on understanding who I am, what drives me, and what is the best to done in good or bad times, to get the best out of any situation, always.

  • Jennifer Sily Heslin


    I've had the pleasure of meeting Edel Pontes through Recomendo em USA and he has been a wonderful guide and colleague these past few months. His outlook on life and work is opening the path to my success. I highly rec-ommend Edel Pontes!

  • Renata Costa


    Edel Pontes has become a crucial part of my professional and personal growth since we met a few years ago. He has taught me fundamental tools to improve in all areas. I highly recommend him for those who seek to achieve a higher level.

  • Richard Wagner


    Edel is an amazing professional who takes his work very seriously. He goes straight to the point guiding you to the best direction. It’s a powerful work!

The methodology developed by Édel Pontes is a process that assists and directs individuals towards the development of their capacities and talents in line with their major goals and personal and professional purposes. In this process, it is possible to identify and polish forces; transform weaknesses and difficulties into new skills; find a more efficient panorama for making important decisions in business, challenges or personal life; to manage with quality an ambitious and balanced lifestyle around family, work, health and hobbies.

It is a methodology aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, athletes or professionals who live in function of something bigger: the true why, a purpose, a motivation or superior interest, that with the appropriate support and adjustments allow them to perform better and find the ways and real solutions to your goals.

Result and transformation are the keywords. We want to have insights, innovative visions and awaken a knowledge that can help us. But none of that matters if there are no results, change and growth. What is expected from this methodology is a consistent and gradual change that will enable you to achieve more personal and professional achievements.

Align plans, determine priorities, identify the best opportunities, suppress weaknesses, eliminate threats and strengthen skills and talents. Finally, having a system that assists in making important decisions for life and business.

  • Leclante Patisserie

    Culinary Business

    Edel is an amazing person and excellent professional. I've been having coach sessions with him for one year now and it completely changed my vision and motivation about my professional life. I’m very grateful I met him and I highly recommend his work.

  • Chris Brooks


    I would like to share how much I’ve enjoyed working with Édel the last three months. In terms of therapy, coaches and mentors his process has been a pleasure and helped me develop much faster with a better understanding.

  • Guilherme Rodrigues


    Edel knows how to help entrepreneurs to work in the North American market. I truly and highly recommend him for business or talent development!

  • Wagner Silva


    I loved this course about human development, was amazing. I recomend for everybody.

  • Eduardo Setton


    I have no words to express how much my life has been changed. I am more aware of my life mission than ever!

  • Renato Simões


    Édel helps us in this recovery process and is a truly capable tool for resurrecting our dreams and the will do to them.

  • Speeches

    This training model is the gateway, the seed of all transformation. Around 90 minutes of presentation, Édel Pontes builds bridges to the topics covered. In addition to motivation and emotion, real questions and lessons are left for a more purposeful life. Contact us to learn more.

  • Mindshops

    This training model is more intense, with face-to-face activities that the participant will build throughout the process. This work makes the individual practice the process and produces internal questions capable of leading him to immediate and continuous results. Models can range from 4h of training to 3 days of intensive event.

"You have to declare who you are to create the reality of who you become."


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